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Massage therapy involves the use of essential oils. A few drops of the oil are added to the carrier oil, such as Almond oil. Typically two or more essential oils are blended for their particular properties as outlined below.


Frankincense is a tonifying oil with anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. It is a wonderful rejuvenating oil to use in massage and skin lotions.

The main action of frankincense is on the nervous system, where its effect is to calm and uplift the spirits while at the same time increasing energy. Its ability to assist concentration indicates its long history of use as incense and an aid to meditation. It can also be helpful in treating anxiety and tension.

Its astringent and anti-inflammatory properties make frankincense useful in the treatment of all mucous conditions and other discharges, such as diarrhoea. It has a soothing effect on the mucous membranes and can be used for coughs, bronchitis and laryngitis.

The tonifying and rejuvenating properties of frankincense make it one of the most important oils for improving skin tone and treating ageing skin and wrinkles, as well as reducing scar tissue.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang-Ylang has a sedating and calming effect on the nervous system, creating a sense of relaxed well-being.

It is useful for treating anxiety, depression, stress and tension. Also, it is an important oil in the treatment of high blood pressure and reduce of tachycardia (abnormally rapid heart beat) and hyperpnoea (abnormally fast breathing).

It has a soothing effect on palpitations associated with anxiety and panic. The oil has an excellent reputation as an aphrodisiac for both men and women, relaxing inhibitions and dispelling stress while at the time being arousing.


Lemongrass has the refreshing and antiseptic properties of lemon but is more warming. The main actions of lemongrass are on the digestive system and skin. It is also a mild antidepressant and will relieve stress and nervous exhaustion.

Lemongrass will help to stimulate the appetite and tone a sluggish digestive system. It has been used to treat colitis and because of its antiseptic properties it is helpful for enteritis and other gastric infections.

The tonifying properties of lemongrass are beneficial for poor muscle tone and slack tissues. It is an excellent component for any sports oil blend, both for a pre-sport massage and to treat aching muscles or muscle strain after sports.

Lemongrass has a tonifying, deodorizing and astringent effect on the skin. It can be used to treat open or blocked pores and acne.

This oil is widely used as an insect repellent for mosquitoes and fleas. It is also a parasiticide, eliminating lice, scabies and ticks.


Lavender is relaxing as it calms cerebro-spinal activity. It may be used to treat irritability, depression, insomnia, hysteria, shock and nervous tension. It also has mild analgesic properties, which make it an important oil in the treatment of headaches and migraine, and good for all forms of neuralgia, shingles, sciatica, muscular pains and rheumatism. Its restorative and calming effect on the heart means that it is helpful for high blood pressure and palpitations.

The antispasmodic properties of lavender make it efficacious in the treatment of any kind spasmodic cough. The excellent antiseptic properties are effective in treating flu, bronchitis and pneumonia.

Lavender may be used to treat colic and flatulence. It is of most benefit when treating digestive problems with a nervous origin, including diarrhoea, indigestion, nausea and so on. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of lavender have a pronounced effect on the urinary system and genitals. It is excellent for treating cystitis, leucorrhoea, thrush and other genital infections.

Lavender is extremely useful in a variety of skin conditions, including wounds, ulcers and sores of all kinds, as well as dermatitis, eczema, acne, acne rosaceae, psoriasis and scarring.

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